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Boxer Superstores is a South Africa-based supermarket with limited discounts on South African retail.
It operates in three brands in South Africa (including two brands in the kingdom of eSwatini (Swaziland)), is supplied and supported through three distribution centers, a one-stop-shop discount store in the South African market.

Located in urban, semi-urban and rural areas, Boxer is open to all, with a special focus on middle and low income shoppers. Boxer serves a public transport consumer through a customer who owns a vehicle and drives to the store daily, weekly or monthly.

Boxer Superstores is ranked in retail and wholesale. In Boxer Superstores (in between) there are vacancies / national jobs in advertising marketing and public relations, administration and administration, customer service etc.

Skills and competences:

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Can work well under pressure and with minimal supervision.

Excellent planning, organization and time management skills.

Good knowledge of marketing management, impressive presentation and facility experience.

Strong personnel management and problem solving skills. Market awareness, personnel management and forecasting skills.

Excellent knowledge of operating systems, mobile charging slips and betting campaigns.

Exceptional reporting skills (oral and written).

Please note that only team members who meet the minimum requirements are eligible.


Monitor the release of new / updated versions of the mobile application.

Work closely with the marketing team. Manage the implementation of national mobile betting marketing campaigns covering different types of bets and customer groups by identifying the customer group and their needs and leading mobile marketing campaigns to attract customers.

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