Credit Controller at Denton Harvey R18000 pm, JHB

Date Posted -2022-03-04
Closing date – 2022-03-31


JHB – Eastern Suburbs
R 18 000
R 20 000

Our client is looking for a Credit Controller to be based in Wadeville Germiston.

Candidate must reside on the East Rand-no candidates that want to relocate will be considered.

Job Description

Responsible for the complete debtors function for the branch or areas which have been assigned.

Reporting directly to the Branch Manager of the assigned branch/es.

Responsible for monitoring of the credit limits and collection of all outstanding amounts on the assigned debtors
books in an efficient and timeous manner to ensure that collections and sales are maximised for a positive financial
impact on the company.

Duties & Responsibilities

Credit Control

  • Ensure that all accounts are followed up on a weekly basis to ensure that all amounts due are collected and that system notes are kept up to date
  • Ensure that accounts remain in approved terms
  • Ensure that accounts trade within the approved credit limit
  • The Branch Manager and Group Credit Manager are to be advised of any account to be handed over to CREDIT INSURER prior to hand over
  • Any account that moves into a 60 days overdue state must have a non-payment notification is to be submitted to the CREDIT INSURER with approval from the Group Credit Manager
  • Form to be completed
  • 12 months statements to be submitted with claim
  • Credit application and supporting documents to be submitted on the portal
  • Any amount over R 57 500 including VAT to be claimed
  • ID indicator to be changed to N
  • Account to be placed on National Hold
  • Customer Class to be updated to CREDIT INSURER Claim or Legal
  • Senior Credit Controller and Group Credit Manager to be e-mailed when claim submitted
  • Any account that becomes overdue that is below the franchise loss amount of R 57 500 must be reported to the Group Credit Manager for hand over to the collection agent
  • A weekly report with comments is to be sent to the Regional Director / Manager, Branch Manager and Group Credit Manager on all accounts
  • Accounts out of terms from the Credit Management Report in Syspro
  • Accounts over credit limit from the Credit Management Report in Syspro
  • All accounts where the limit has been withdrawn are to be placed on National Hold and the Senior Credit Controller and Group Credit Manager to be advised
  • Any special terms account (45 days, 60 days or 90 days) must be approved by the Regional Directors and Group Directors
  • All customers must have a customer class and area code on Syspro
  • All accounts must have an ID indicator on the system
  • An account is classified as an ID Y account when we have CREDIT INSURER cover on the account, it is NOT a trust or Sole Proprietor and has a land line telephone number.
  • If a customer is a Customer and a Supplier they would need to sign the letter confirming that no offset will be done as required by the bank
  • An ID Y account must make payment to the ID bank account
  • An account is classified as an ID N account when they are a Trust, Sole Proprietor
  • An ID N account must make payment to the cash account


  • Month end customer statements to be sent to all customers by the second day after the end of the calendar month
  • Invoices and required documentation to be sent to customers when requested
  • Review credit limits based on order intake on a regular basis
  • All credit limits to be checked on the CREDIT INSURER system every two months in accordance with company policy
  • Maintain customer details on Syspro as per credit limit annexures and credit application on a regular basis
  • Ensure that each customer has a file that contains a correctly completed credit application and CREDIT INSURER annexure and that it is filed in a systematic way
  • Reconciliation of debtors accounts as required
  • Processing of credit notes within 24 hours of being authorised by the Branch Manager or Sales / Retail Manager and Regional Director/Manager as per Levels of Authority
  • Processing of Loyalty Customer rebate credits once they have been authorised by the Branch Manager or Sales Manager
  • All credit notes must be processed before month end except for credits required for invoices generated on the last day of the month
  • Releasing of sales orders in accordance with levels of authority
  • Reprinting of invoices once authorisation has been received from the Branch Manager or Sales Manager records to be kept of all invoices that are reprinted
  • Customer refunds to be properly completed and supporting paperwork to be submitted to Cash Control department as per the Standard Operating Procedure on the same day as requested by the customer

Loyalty Customers

  • Opening of Loyalty Customer accounts on Syspro
  • Advise the person responsible at Head Office in regards to the details of the new account as per the form to be provided in order for the Loyalty Card to be printed and issued
  • Ensure that all outstanding amounts and queries are resolved on the Loyalty ageing
  • Review and comments of all loyalty accounts to be discussed twice monthly with the Branch and/or Sales Manager and feedback to be sent to the Group Credit Manager and Senior Credit Controller monthly.

New Accounts

  • Ensure that the Credit Application is completed in full by the customer
  • Company Name
  • Company registration number
  • VAT number
  • Banking details
  • Credit limit required
  • Payment terms required
  • Signed by an authorised person ( Member / Owner / Director)
  • Irrevocable Guarantee by an Individual (Where relevant)
  • Ensure that the correct supporting documents are received
  • Bank letter
  • Company Registration Documents
  • VAT Clearance Certificate – recent and valid
  • Copy of Directors / Owners ID documents
  • Letter of authority for person that has signed the credit application
  • Copy of a purchase order
  • The back of the Credit Application “For Office Use Only” to be completed in full, including the trade reference information and to be signed by the Branch / Sales Manager
  • Cover to be obtained from CREDIT INSURER on the required credit limit and terms as per the credit application
  • CREDIT INSURER annexure to be checked to ensure that the details correspond to the credit application received
  • Once cover obtained account to be loaded on the system as per the credit application and annexure received from CREDIT INSURER
  • CREDIT INSURER annexure then to be sent for loading of the limit and final approval of the account
  • Where cover cannot be obtained the account is to be referred to the Group Credit Manager for review and assessment for a “Management Discretion Account”.

Branch Support

  • Liaise with Branch Managers, Internal and External Sales staff to ensure that credit limits are timeously obtained for new orders received
  • Advise Branch Managers, Internal and External Sales staff of any accounts that are overdue and need to be visited on a weekly basis
  • Advise Branch Managers, Internal and External Sales staff of any customer queries for which assistance is required
  • Resolve customer queries daily and efficiently so as not to hamper sales
  • Advise Branch Managers, Internal and External Sales staff of any account placed on hold and the reason therefore immediately
  • Advise Branch Managers, and External Sales staff (Representatives) of accounts that are 30 days overdue as these should be visited by the Sales Representative responsible for the account

Bank – Invoice Discounting Accounts

  • Ensure all payments are processed daily against invoices and not left unapplied on the customers account from the ID Bank accounts
  • All month end payments are to be processed by no later than the second working day after the final calendar day in a month
  • All credit limit annexures
  • All annexures received from CREDIT INSURER for limits exceeding R 300 000 must be sent to the bank immediately on receipt
  • All customer details to correspond with annexures
  • Ensure all customer details are correct on Syspro
  • ID Code Y or N in accordance with ID rules
  • Telephone numbers are complete
  • Addresses are complete
  • Legal entity name is correct
  • E-mail address
  • VAT registration number
  • Company registration number
  • Address all Special Margin queries urgently
  • Assist with monthly ID bank audit

Cashbook / Cash Flow

  • Processing all payments from bank statements daily
  • Resolve any cashbook queries raised immediately

Stock Take

  • Assist with the admin roles during branch stock takes Annual Audit
  • Year-end customer statements to be printed and filed in a separate audit file
  • Resolving of auditors queries
  • Ensure that all documentation is provided to auditors on request

ADHOC Duties

  • Petty Cash – control and reconciliation

Recordkeeping & Filing

  • Managing and overseeing of filing of all required documentation

Internal control

  • To ensure internal controls at branches are in accordance with Company standards and in line with relevant legislation and level of authority
  • Due to the segregation of duties and responsibilities no Credit Controller may relieve as a cashier

Time Keeping and working hours

  • Working Hours are 7h30 until 17h00 from Monday to Friday
  • Overtime as required by the finance team from time to time with notification

Job Requirements

  • Previous Credit Control Experience required (3 years)
  • Attention to detail and accuracy
  • Must reside on the East Rand-no candidates that want to relocate will be considered.
  • Deadline driven
  • Good Excel knowledge
For more information please contact:
Morne Reynders


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